Escort Cosworth WRC LHD Fully Active (Breaking)

New body shell caged and prepared by Gordon Vincent
Julian Godfrey WRC spec Cosworth engine- 340bhp and 522ft/lb - 30 kmh testing
New IHI WRC turbo fitted- 30kmh test
Extrac 6 speed gbox- 300kmh- new oil pump and rear housing bearings fitted- 30 kmh test
Clutch assy- 200 kmh
Front diff- 30 kmh
Centre diff- 300 kmh
Rear 9 inch diff- 300kmh
Car been fitted with all new lower control arms and rose joints front and rear-gravel and tarmac
Reiger BV rebuilt tarmac suspension- 300 kmh

Comprehensive spares package included.
Spares List for the WRC Ford Escort

1 intercooler
1 complete steering rack
2 rack end and rod ends- tarmac
3 spare steering rack boots
2 inboard gravel rod ends-inner
4 gravel rod ends-outer
Spare track rod
4 bearing housings-front
4 bearing housings -top plate
2 steering arms-tarmac left and right
1 Front anti rollbar-tarmac
1 front anti rollbar-gravel
2 front compression struts-tarmac
2 rear drop links-gravel
1 engine oil pump
2 water pumps
1 used AP Racing clutch pack
2 front tarmac discs with bells
2 rear tarmac disc with bells
3 master cylinders-.7mm
1 box of Extract Gbox oil pump gears, shafts and 2 drop gears
2 tarmac front callipers-Brembo 8 pot
1 tarmac rear calliper-AP 4 pot
2 sets of rear brake pads
1 set of front brake pads
2 cross shafts
3 front gravel driveshafts
6 front tarmac driveshafts
6 gravel rear driveshafts
1 intermediary shaft bearing assy
1 front prop shaft
1 rear section sliding prop shaft
6 rear driveshaft boots
5 rear driveshaft cv joints
1 complete set of rear Reiger gravel setup including lower control arms and mounting brackets
1 complete set of front Reiger gravel setup including lower control arms, driveshafts,compression struts, callipers, mounting plates and steering arms.
1 alternator
1starting motor
1 driveshaft tool socket
Complete set of droop spacers
1 intercooler spray pump
1 box of assorted bearings,rose joints and universal joints
1 complete lamp pod with PIAA lights
2 oil filters
1 Bosch fuel pump
1 Extract clutch release bearing seal kit
2 seal kits for MPC pump
1 egt sensor
1 set of manifold exhaust gaskets with studs
1 set of HKS spark plugs
2 timing belts
1 fuel pressure sender
1 fuel pressure regulator
2 sets of plug wires
1 drive belt
1 coolant temperature sender and adapter plate
1 coil pack
2 wheel speed sensors
1 water pump windshield wash
1 timing belt tensioner pulley
2 active diff solenoid valves
1 spare turbo housing
19 wheels 18x8 tarmac
14 wheels 15x7 gravel
1 gravel sumpguard
1 tarmac sumpguard
1 windshield
2 doors
1 bonnet
2 headlamp housing left
2 headlamp housing right
1 genuine WRC front cross member
2 gravel uprights
2 Reiger spring platforms
1 complete set of Dynamic tarmac suspension with uprights
Assort of Dynamic inserts front and rear
2 rear Dynamic upright and damper
6 gravel steering arms
1 wrc rear spoiler
2 side skirt moulds
1 wrc front bumper mould
1 gravel front bumper
1 rear bumper spare
4 complete rear headlights
2 front grills
1 roof vent assy
1 left fender spare
1 right fender spare

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